Born in Biella in 1976, at the age of 10 he started studying classical guitar with Alberto Bocchino at The Musical Middle School “G. Salvemini” in Biella. Then, with the same teacher, he kept on studying until 1996 at the International High Academy of Classical Music “L. Perosi”. In 1997 he went on studying in Fiesole (Florence) at the most prestigious and important center of modern music in Italy, directed by Giovanni Unterberger. His teachers were Vieri Bougleux, Michael Mellner, Gianni Zei, Riccardo Onori, Paolo Sala, Fabrizio Di Salvo, Davide Mastrangelo and Fabio Carraffa. He got his diploma with the highest mark, 30/30 cum laude. Also, he attended a course of sound theory and sound engineering, always in the same school. In 2005 he took part to the 4th Edition of Jazz Music Master Class “Marcello Melis” in Sant’Anna Arresi (Cagliari - Italy). He was taught by Pat Metheny, during some courses in collaboration with Chicago Columbia College. Besides he improved his technique attending Master Classes of world famous guitar players like Steve Vai, Rick Ruskin, Jennifer Batten, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan and Andy Timmons. He took care of the page of improvisation of Davide Mastrangelo’s study center in Arezzo. He also cooperated with Mastrangelo for a long time in the technique and musical teaching methods magazine “Chitarre”, within the page dedicated to Fingerpicking and Fingerstyle Jazz guitar. In addition to his intense teaching activity, since 2000 he has been engaged with companies such as BMG, Ricordi, Universal, MGB Hal Leonard, Carisch, Zanichelli and Loffredo in the making of teaching methods, transcriptions and musical backing tracks. He used to be guest in several radio programs and he cooperated with many records projects. His first CD, “Marco Ielmini”, came out in 2005. It includes some rearrangements of Jazz and Fusion tracks. He published three CDs of Backing Tracks for “Didattica del Jazz” and, recently, a new CD, “FOR”, made up of original songs. It has been created together with guitar player Alberto Bocchino for Milan label M.A.P. In 2009 he worked for Cinevox Record, realizing, for the very first time, the mixing, editing and mastering for the soundtracks of five movies belonging to “Don Camillo” series (from Giovannino Guareschi’s short stories). The Suite was performed by “A. Vivaldi” Conservatory Symphonic Orchestra from Alessandria (Italy), directed by Marcello Rota and arranged by Fabrizio Francia. From 2009 to 2014 he published five Backing Tracks CDs for Monangel label; two for the series “Didactics of Jazz”, one for “Didactics of Jazz and Fusion” and two for “Didactics of Rock”. In 2012, the CD “FOR” with original tracks was published, realized in cooperation with guitarist Alberto Bocchino for M.A.P. label, Milan. In October 2011 he arranged the debut EP of the band “Cookies Trio”, winner of music contest “Progetto B9”. The video of the piece “Bon Sexe”, made by director Yuri Storasi and included in the CD, is repeatedly broadcast on MTV New Generation. In December 2013, again with Yuri Storasi, the videoclip of “Logout” was published. It was composed and arranged by Marco Ielmini for Nausicaa’s Garden label. The EP has been published in 2014.